What is Correct Will?

26 Apr 2024

Correct Will Law

Correct Will Management Solution assists lawyers and legal practitioners to digitise the entire process of Will management from start to finish. This may have several benefits such as reducing delays in executing instructions on Wills, easy verification of the Will’s authenticity, and tracking of the changes made to a particular Will in real-time.

Lawyers can take their Will management procedures to the next level by utilising the attractive benefits of Correct Will. Also, subscription plans of Correct Will are affordable so that any law practitioner or firm, whether small or large can subscribe to Correct Will easily. 

With Correct Will’s simple QR code feature, both lawyers and judges alike can check and verify the authenticity of any Will by simply scanning the QR code placed on each Will. This makes verification of the Will so much easier, faster, and more trustworthy. As a result, executing the Will creator’s instructions becomes much faster and can potentially be successfully completed without any complications. 

Lawyers can also go through the various versions of the Will (from the very first to the latest version) and keep track of all the changes in the data.  

Correct Will also displays the chronological “journey” of the Will from day one to finish, which makes understanding the instructions of the Will much clearer and quicker.