What are the benefits of using Correct Will?

26 Apr 2024

Correct Will Law

Correct Will is an all-in-one Will Management Solution that is designed keeping in mind the requirements of lawyers, judges, and the legal system, for successful execution. 

Correct Will utilises blockchain technology that is patented in over 100 countries globally to simplify and secure the entire process of Will Management for lawyers. 

Lawyers can utilise the helpful benefits of Correct Will to ensure that the Will is trackable, verifiable, and tamper-proof at all times.

Here are some of the best benefits that make the lawyer’s jobs more efficient: 

  • The blockchain records each step of the Will process. This immutable digital ledger ensures an exact and absolute chronology, giving each party (family members, trustees, beneficiaries, and judges) complete trust in the document.

  • To keep data protected and tamper-proof at all times, Correct Will utilises the highly secure Microsoft Azure Cloud Solution.

  • Correct Will conveys the Will's "journey," identifying where and when changes took place and allowing the understanding of the Will's history at a glance.

  • CorrectWill's purpose-built 'Will Release' feature helps make transferring a Will from Practice-to-Practice, simple and quick.

  • Lawyers can now give access to those parties that are directly connected to the Will. Related people can log in to their individual Correct Will accounts and access the required information without disturbing the legal process. This may also eliminate unnecessary delays in execution.