Is Correct Will compliant with legal regulations?

26 Apr 2024

Correct Will Law

By implementing Correct Will in their practice, lawyers can now manage Wills transparently and efficiently. Correct Will Management Software is designed keeping in mind the requirements of law practitioners. By adopting our Will Management Software, lawyers can take full advantage of our attractive features to smooth their workflow. 

Here are some of the best offerings of Correct Will:

  • By keeping all parties informed of the process and in control of actions with their own login access, Correct Will removes unnecessary delays in the process. 

  • Different levels of User Permissions control accessibility with the use of an OTP, ensuring people have appropriate access while keeping them informed.

  • Parties of choice, such as testators, executors, accountants, and family members, can be granted access to relevant information.

  • The blockchain stores the unique digital fingerprint of the document found within the QR code, which cannot be edited or tampered with. Any changes made to the signed document Will result in the verification check failing.

  • CorrectWill's purpose-built 'Will Release' functionality makes transferring a Will from Practice to Practice simple and quick. 

Correct Will stores and verifies the authenticity of Will data using blockchain technology, which is patented in over 90 countries worldwide. This ensures that any verifications required by trustees, beneficiaries, and judges to carry out the creator's instructions can be completed quickly and successfully. This makes your job, as a lawyer, way more productive and hassle-free.